new york fashion week: that’s a wrap!

i had a hard time sleeping anticipating my morning show, michael kors. remix of adele’s “rolling in the deep” brought a contagiously high energy to the room. bamboo covered the backdrop. african safari. animal prints were heavy. need i say more? michael kors, i am still dreaming of owning the entire collection. nanette lapore was next introducing a neon spring line. so playful. spotted: kelly rutherford and stanley tucci.

lo and i decided to use the afternoon to take a breath and enjoy the city. this could only mean one thing: shopping!! what better way then to hit up our favorite stores in soho? topshop, lf, bloomingdales and more. bliss.

wow what an amazing week, sadly it flies by too fast. excellent job to all involved in the industry, your hard work has paid off once again. looking forward to an early birthday celebration with lo, abby, noodle, brittany and hilary on friday night! 24 is the new 21 right?! a perfect ending to another perfect trip in the city i love.

until next season…


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