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When trying to come up with a name for my blog, I wanted to make sure to keep it personal. Obviously I am obsessed with clothes, shoes and bags but what could really make this blog me? The answer seemed simple. A childhood nickname was the key. That is how Style by Lolly emerged. My parents called me Lollipop when I was nothing short of a sassy little girl playing dress up and dreaming of the day when I would work in the fashion industry. Lollipop became Lolly over the years and boom the name caught on.

I was born in Dallas and lived in Texas for most of my life. I made the move to Los Angeles for my career and after meeting the love of my life, I now call San Francisco home. Here I find myself constantly inspired by architecture, food and the beautiful bay. Not only am I a journalist at heart, but also a personal wardrobe stylist and a girl with an eye for the latest trend.

Being a journalist, blogger and personal stylist has resulted in traveling to fashion weeks all over. Fashion week diaries, trends and my style are all part of this blog. So dive in and enjoy. Thanks for following!

I also cover New York Fashion Week for Fashion Windows + Fashion Reporters and continue to attend seasonally.



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