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Gathering at Union Park on Thursday May, 12th was not only for fun with friends. The Christian Outreach Foundation hosted their 2nd Annual charity fashion show & fundraiser on this particular night, and was I in for a show. I had already noticed that one of my personal favorite boutiques, Beehive, was on the list so I anxiously awaited to see the summer looks take the runway.

Sitting towards the end of the runway, a personal favorite spot of mine, gave me the opportunity to really soak in the styles. Tara Bland’s reinVintaged showcased pops of colors, lace, longer hemlines, even hats. Beehive brought in a striped skirt below the knees (yes, longer skirts were part of the trend forecast at New York Fashion Week to be huge this summer and fall), 70’s inspired flowing tops and a favorite summer look of mine, fun printed shorts. If you don’t have them already, a pair of printed shorts is a must have for the hot summer. Cropped pants and blazers were also a part of the looks, these are essential since they can easily carry over into your fall wardrobe.

photos: Jonathan Garza

The show left me wanting several pieces and what a great cause to represent. The proceeds went to the Christian Outreach Foundation to help serve underprivileged children in East Austin. Looking forward to attending the event next year!


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