kendall k.

“kendall k. is all about mixing lady-like charm with vintage inspiration”-kendall

discovering new collections is always a breath of fresh air. california girl kendall has been designing for six years and has an amazing clothing line, kendall k. the flirty 1940’s inspired spring collection is to die for. longer hemlines and laces true to the time period are shown to create an oh so romantic feel. her precision and close attention to detail shine through in each item.

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the line is “truly classic”

the designer’s favorite look in the spring collection? the “grace” is both versatile and flattering. i would have to agree, this piece is truly fabulous. the “betti” is a close second!



looking into fall, kendall will incorporate the 1920’s into the collection. adding a sexier feel mixing back beautiful burnout prints with laces and of course embellishments. i cannot wait to see the finished pieces!

“voluminous blouses, shift dresses and rich jewel colors”

where can you find kendall k.? check out her website,! you can buy here on her website, trust me you will fall in love with the line.


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