Whole30 by Lolly: Week One

As some of you know from my Instagram Story, I decided to do January Whole30! In the past, my boyfriend and I have been trying to eat a paleo diet during the week and then we allow ourselves to cheat on the weekends (this seemed to be a little bit more realistic for us). However, I love the idea of doing an actual Whole30 every so often to reset. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from friends who have done it, so I thought I would give it a full shot. I decided if I’m doing Whole30, then I might as well write about it too! I’m going to give you guys a weekly recap from my Whole30 including tips I have for you along the way. I’m sure several of you have completed Whole30 before, and I would LOVE any tips you have if you want to leave a comment below! Here’s what I’ve found helpful so far, including some of the meals I made during my first week.

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A few tips before starting Whole30:

I would say cleaning out your kitchen is key and helps so much! Get rid of things you can’t eat during Whole30. If they aren’t there, you won’t be tempted to grab them. We also made sure to do a big grocery run the weekend before starting to get ingredients for the week’s meals AND to buy items like coconut aminos (you will need this in substitute for soy sauce in recipes), ghee butter, almond butter… well you get the picture. All of the “pantry items” we might need for a paleo diet. Take a look here at some approved products you may need.

Let’s chat about this week:

For breakfast this week when I’m not on the run, I’ve made an egg with avocado slices (I’m not a big breakfast person since I don’t wake up hungry, but this is an easy meal to start the day). For lunch this week if I didn’t eat leftovers from the night before, I made lettuce wraps. I used butter lettuce, ham or turkey and a balsamic dressing that I made (just balsamic, olive oil, salt, pepper and I squeezed in some lemon). When it comes to on the go, I love RXBAR protein bars. These bars are paleo (except the peanut butter one since peanuts aren’t on the Whole30 list) and taste great. Check them out here. I also eat cashews and fresh fruit throughout the day.

When we want to make a more creative lunch or we’re making dinner, we have been leaning on The Defined Dish for recipes (here). My friend, Alex, has a wonderful site where she shares her creative cooking skills and ideas. She has focused a lot of her recipes towards paleo and Whole30, and this has been a life saver!! Not only are these recipes I can actually make, but they are absolutely DELISH! When you get to her site, you can click on Whole30 under the “recipes” tab and there is a list of Whole30 approved meals. She keeps her instructions precise, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Trust me I understand that sometimes cooking can be intimidating, but with her site you will learn to love being in the kitchen if you didn’t already. Oh and if you need some tips from Alex regarding her first Whole30 experience, take a look here. She’s helped me out so much!

For dinner this week, some of my favorites were the “stir-fried szechuan green beans with shittake mushrooms” (recipe here) as a side to grilled chicken (seasoned with salt and pepper) and the minestrone soup (Whole30 version here). Sidenote: I love making soups! Not only am I a total soup girl (like could eat soup all of the time), but soups can last us for a few meals (bonus)! I am totally into making a dish that will work for lunch later in the week or even for dinner again. This portion made plenty for us to have for a few days.

Thoughts so far:

The paleo diet isn’t too bad since I am somewhat used to it during the week days. HOWEVER, not being able to cheat over the weekend will be different for me. No wine?! Okay, that will be a little hard haha! So far, I must add that I’m loving the meals we’ve been making. I have been a little hungry from time to time during the day but I believe I’m adjusting to the new diet (after all we did just get back from the holidays). While I don’t normally crave sweets, I noticed that I have been wanting them (probably because I know I can’t have them for 30 days haha). I just grab some fresh fruit out of the fridge or some apple slices to dip in almond butter, and that seems to do the trick. I have also been LIVING off of La Croix sparkling water. I add a smidge of 100% Just Cranberry (no sugar added) juice and a lemon or a lime to it to change it up a bit! You may be wondering about Whole30 when it comes to eating out at a restaurant. I haven’t eaten out yet, but I know I will at some point during this month duration. I don’t think it will be too difficult though since so many restaurants in the Bay Area have paleo options. I will let you know about my experience with this when I check back in next week. Take a look here at some great advice for dining out.

Stay tuned for next week’s recap! If you’re doing Whole30 this month, good luck and PLEASE comment below with ANY tips!!

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