NYFW day 9

Lo and I decided to go to Soho for a little shopping! LF and back to Top Shop. Lunch at Spring Street Natural where my mom and Di Di met up with us! What an amazing day just being girls. Lo and I continue to find ourselves cracking up at every moment and enjoying each other’s company. What’s next? Off to Chinatown to find some fun souvenirs. Bargaining has become second nature for both of us… we were quite successful when purchasing “New York” tees and silly memorabilia.

We waited in the lobby bar at the Empire to say goodbye to Mari before we all returned to Texas. Seems like yesterday we were eating at Chowder House discussing what was in store for the week ahead of us. Lifelong friends, Brittany and Hilary, met up with us for a drink while we had a much needed catching up session. It was so great to see wonderful friends in the city we all love.
Spotted: Gwen Stefani walked in from L.A.M.B. to make an appearance at the after party taking place at the rooftop bar in the hotel. Gorgeous! With a little 007 maneuvers, we found ourselves at the party later in the night. Last stop? My hotel room for a dance party. It felt like we were elementary kids again, listening to loud pop music and jumping on the bed. Playlist: Spice Girls, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and of course DIRTY BIT (Black Eyed Peas). So MUCH fun! Our neighbor didn’t care for the music, so the party came to an end circa three a.m.
Our adventures may be on hold, but will soon be back in action when we reunite in Texas. One phrase to sum up the week? Red Lipstick. We have SO many plans and cannot wait for our next fashion week experience. Wow, dreams really do come true.
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