Girl Power

Girl Power. Yes, those are words we’ve been hearing since we were little. I remember having stickers with “girl power” written on them and really loving my “Clueless” inspired outfits that emerged during the mid 1990’s. Mine were all from a darling boutique in Plano called Animal Crackers. You know when kids (like myself) had cute clothes because we weren’t wearing the cult 90’s grunge looks that the “high school” students were into. I was dressing like Cher Horowitz in my plaid skirts and knee high socks.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention all of the cute accessories! I mean I had a hair bow and a bag for every look (yep, starting at about age 4). I was posing for pictures with my hands in a peace sign and listening to “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt.

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Okay now that my walk memory lane is over, let’s get to today’s look. I love how powerful the message “Girl Power” still is today. Women supporting women is so wonderful. In the fashion industry it’s so easy to be competitive with one another. Instead of being happy for one of your colleagues, you find yourself jealous. These are all feelings that are important to set aside so we can really be proud of each other! When I think of “girl power” I think of how excited I am for my friends and peers when they accomplish something big. Honestly when they do something incredible, that opens even more doors along the way for all of us! So keep up the hustle (never lose your work ethic) and make sure you are truly happy for one another, trust me it’s the better state of mind.

Scroll on down to see how I style this super comfy sweatshirt!

sweatshirt c/o State of Grace, pants: here, booties: splurge here, save (ONLY $100) here, glasses: here, bag: here, necklace: here

photos c/o Shannon Righetti

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