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Last week I had the pleasure of doing a hair tutorial with the Fave4 team. The incredibly talented Hedy Lavinsky, one of the Fave4’s hair stylists, created two super fun hair styles for me. You may have caught my Instagram story step by step videos, but in case you didn’t I have the steps for you below. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for a creative way to fix my hair on day 3 or 4 since washing is such a process for me (raise your hand if you know what I mean). Both of these styles are ideal for just that. I have naturally curly hair, so once it’s straight I like to get as many days out of it as possible. Fave4 has an incredible dry shampoo spray (here) that I love along with amazing flexible hair sprays that are my go-tos.

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Speaking of curly hair, I love the “curls and kisses” curl cream (here) for the days I wear my hair curly (especially while at the beach). I add it to my towel dried hair and then use a diffuser to achieve my ideal curls. You can also air dry with the product if you prefer. When it comes to detangling, my go to is the “dearly detangled” conditioning mist (here). I love a good leave in conditioner as every curly girl does. Another plus? The brand also has incredible hair care for my dry strands. I have been using the “hydra help” shampoo (here) and the “repair is right” conditioner (here) to help with my depleted locks. LOVE them.

Alright, alright enough about my hair care routine, let’s take a look at some fun styling I think you’ll love below.

We started the tutorial off with a double fishtail. First, Hedy sprayed the roots of my hair with the “dirty to flirty” dry shampoo (here) to give it lift and make it look like fresh again. Um, how cute is the product name by the way?

Next, she parted and sectioned off my hair so she could start one side of the fishtail. Once that side was finished she secured the end with a clear rubber band temporarily while she completed the other fishtail.

When the second braid was complete, she tied them together with the clear rubber band I mentioned before. But wait, she wasn’t finished yet…

Next, she used a small strand of hair from the pony tail to wrap around the rubber band. She used a bobby pin to secure the stand of hair so you couldn’t see any trace of the rubber band.

She used the “workable wear” spray (here) to secure the braids and smooth my “flyaways” to finish off the look. Sidenote: this is one of my FAVORITE hair sprays ever.

So cute right? And it was a look I can do at home. LOVE IT. Next up: the top knot, braided mohawk. Sounds cool right? Well, let me show you how to do it at home! To start off this style, Hedy sectioned off the top of my hair. Next, she used the “matte made” shaping cream (here) to tame my flyaways near my hair line (they were a bit out of control as you can see).

Now, she back combed my hair (or teased the hair) with the “texture takeover” spray (here). If you’re from Texas like me, you aren’t a stranger to teasing! Haha. She wanted to create lift before beginning the braid. Next, she french braided the top section.

When the braid was complete, she secured it in a top knot. Hedy pulled my hair through a rubber band like you would a normal ponytail and then stopped halfway to create a bun. Then she tucked the remaining hair back into the rubber band to make a messy knot. I absolutely love this technique for a normal top knot as well. She used bobby pins to secure the knot and the look was almost complete!

She added a finishing touch of “texture takeover” to make sure the braid was secure and boom, the braided top knot mohawk was complete!

I had the best time spending the afternoon styling the hair tutorial. Hope you’ve enjoyed this one! Please let me know if you would like to see more hair routines in the future. Take a look below for my outfit details as well. Have a wonderful week!

photos c/o Andrea Posadas

follow Fave4 here + Hedy Lavinsky here

outfit details below:

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