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Today’s post is a little different than most. I wanted to share a beauty secret with you guys. Yep, I’m talking about teeth whitening.

Are you looking to brighten up your smile? I always am! That’s why I have fallen in love with Smile Brilliant. The whitening trays are super easy to use and give me that bright smile I really want. The best part? You can literally whiten at home and don’t have to go into the dentist. Whether I’m working from my desk (I’m literally whitening as I write this post) or making dinner, I can always find 45 min here and there to put the custom whitening trays in. I mean, so easy right?! AND I’ve partnered with the brand to give one lucky winner a credit for their own set ($149 towards the site)! Scroll on down to see my whitening tips and how to enter the contest (at the end of the post)! 

A few tips I have for you guys once you have your trays. Remember that the average person needs 7-14 daily applications of the whitening gel to remove all existing stains from their teeth.

1. Brush teeth with water (not toothpaste, fluoride slows down the whitening process)
2. Whiten for 45 minutes-3 hours. Three hours is the max per day using the whitening gel! Do not whiten overnight, it can cause extreme sensitivity. Trust me sensitivity is not fun.
3. Make sure when you brush to use a non-whitening toothpaste
4. Rinse trays out with cool water
5. Desensitize for 20 minutes using the desensitizing gel. This is very important! Do not drink or eat for 1 hour after each session as well.
6. Remove trays, but do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, just spit. You want to leave a thin layer of desensitizing gel on your teeth.
7. If you whiten before bed, you’re not introducing any staining food or drinks. Sometimes this is the best option!

More questions about the whitening kit? Take a look here.

Scroll to bottom of post for steps on how to ENTER TO WIN!!


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-The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for 1 week and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. ENTER HERE to win! Yep, it’s that easy!


Check out my before and after photos below.




This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant

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