Whole30 by Lolly: Week Four

Well guys, Whole30 is finally over (insert excited emoji here)! I wanted to take this final post to reflect on the experience. I would have to say that the last week was the easiest for me. I think knowing I was almost done really helped! Overall, I’m glad I did it but I’m not jumping on doing the process again any time soon haha. While I like that I was able to eliminate certain foods and realize that I did not crave them by week two, I noticed that I couldn’t seem to kick the headaches. I read before starting Whole30 that it was common to get headaches during week one since your body is detoxing. I have migraine headaches and during this process I had more than usual (one each week). I’m not 100% sure what the issue was but having those headaches really set me back on my day to day. If I could figure out how to avoid those, I would be willing to try this again (maybe next January).

Now for the positives, I felt my skin looked radiant and I did not have as many stomach issues during January. I am excited that I can reintroduce foods now to see what bothers me. This is a huge plus! I am proud of myself for making it through Whole30 and proud of Nick for doing it with me! We had a blast making dinner together each night (check out some of my favorite Whole30 recipes here) and it was nice to be on Whole30 together. I wasn’t tempted to cheat since we were both on the same food plan which was fantastic! Even though we aren’t doing Whole30 this month, we have decided to incorporate Whole30 approved meals throughout our week when we cook at home. I really enjoyed some of the dishes we made, and we have added them into our permanent lineup.

Are you curious to try Whole30 or you’ve done it before but want to try it again?┬áTake a look at my Week One (here) and Week Two & Three posts (here) for recipes and guidelines if you want some inspiration for your next Whole30 experience.

Now for the outfit. This jacket is under $100 and a MUST-HAVE!! Scroll down to see my full farmer’s market look. xx

jacket c/o ChicWish here, jeans: here, booties: here + here, choker c/o SUGARFIX by Bauble Bar here, glasses: here


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