Whole30 By Lolly: Week Two + Three

Well, hello! Can you believe that week two and three are complete?! I CANNOT!!! After week one, I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I’m close to the finish line it feels easy breezy. Funny how things seem easier at the end, right? I am not going to lie… after my first post I felt pretty positive about this experience. However, I had not made it through my first weekend yet. Nick and I went skiing over that first weekend until Tuesday, which meant this was our first time to try eating out while doing Whole30. Well, eating out is hard. I was starting to crave things I don’t normally crave since my body was detoxing all the sugars, etc. Seriously, all I wanted was a candy bar (which I rarely eat). Haha! Luckily, we made it through the ski trip being creative with the menus at each restaurant in Tahoe. Once we made it back, cooking at home was MUCH easier for Whole30. We went to the store and stocked up on everything we would need to cook most meals at home (since we knew this was a much better option).

Week two was still tough for me until about mid-week. I was feeling so weak after week one, but this fatigue (including headaches) finally ended. The cravings were starting to pass as well, thank goodness. Once week three hit, I was feeling much better! I no longer felt that I needed to snack. It’s so weird! I am not a snacker but during that first week I was always feeling hungry. Now, I can eat a meal and feel full. I have energy and honestly feel all around much better. Oh, my skin looks great too! BONUS!

bowl: here

necklace c/o Bauble Bar: here, tee: here, denim: here

As I mentioned in my first Whole30 post (check it out here), one of my best friends is the creator and chef behind TheDefinedDish.com. Alex’s recipes have been my go-to during this entire process. Honestly, I don’t think I would have committed to Whole30 if her site didn’t exist. The recipes I chose to make over week two and three have been delicious! I will definitely be adding several to my normal lineup once I complete Whole30! When I asked her why she decided to do Whole30 the very first time, she gave me the full scoop.

“I heard about the Whole30 through my sister, Madison, who was doing it to get in shape for her wedding at the time. I also wanted to look my best for her wedding since I had just had my second baby. I was struggling with some minor anxiety issues, and I had heard that doing the Whole30 could help relieve some of these symptoms. I did it and was blown away with the positive emotional effects it had on me. Since then, the Whole30 has been a part of my life!”

– Alex Snodgrass

Scroll on down to see this beautiful Whole30 approved clam chowder I made last week AND a list of recipes that we made during week two and three.

Whole30 approved recipes (via TheDefinedDish.com) I made over the past few weeks that I would LOVE to highlight:

Clam Chowder here (as seen in photos above + below)

Easy Tikka Masala Meatballs here

Creamy Tortilla-less Soup here

Mission Chinese Chonqing Chicken Wings here (MY FAVORITE item on the menu at Mission Chinese)

Beef Bulgogi here

Creamy Lemon-Caper Chicken here

Stir-Fried Szechuan Spring Beans with Shiitake Mushrooms here

Minestrone Soup here

Looking forward to week four and completing this Whole30 journey! Stay tuned for more from my Whole30 experience!


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