new york fashion week day 3 and 4

my mom and i decided to do some much needed shopping and spent time on 5th at henri bendel’s and bergdorf goodman, along with some of the other amazing couture shops. eating lunch pazza notte which was delicious, i highly recommend it. snow falling briefly as we walk through the city dipping in out of shops up and down 5th avenue. i do really love being here. i am slightly sad that my trip is shorter than usual this time but i am taking in every moment, including making sure that we go to a few broadway shows while in the city this weekend.

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we changed quickly and made our way to the winter garden theater to see mamma mia! adorable, fun and so entertaining! just loved the show. dancing queen has been stuck in my head ever since.

monday morning came quickly and i was off to meet aaron at the lincoln center at the secret street to catch the models going in and out to of shows. next i headed over to rachel roy’s presentation. purple is a color to buy for fall. cutting it close, i rushed over to ¬†carlos miele’s show. sitting waiting for the show to start, i ran into cassidy! so wonderful seeing her again. spotted: ken downing. when the show ended we met up with aaron to grab a quick bite to eat.

i was thrilled to run into two of my favorites errol and tomas before zang toi’s show!! being seated for zang toi held much anticipation. the show started and the designs were once again beautiful, and the rendition of adele’s hits playing while the models strutted down the runway completed the whole experience. zang is know for his gorgeous gowns and intricate detail. just breathtaking. spotted: cynthia bailey, real housewives of atlanta.

catching a few models after the show for some photos then headed to meet mom in soho for a quick shopping trip. lf and topshop were screaming my name. after shopping we met abby, brittany and alle for a drink. just love these girls. we had some major catching up to do!

we were off to see phantom of the opera to conclude the night. phenomanol. the new york cast was incredible!

i can’t believe i am heading back home tomorrow. the trip has slipped by way to fast but i have one more exciting fashion show to see tomorrow before i catch my flight. stay tuned…


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