Mark Kalen Designs

recently, i stumbled across a jewelry designer in austin. a friend introduced me to the line, mark kalen designs, and shortly after mark sent me a few of his famous cuffs to wear to fashion week this fall. the designs are a breath of fresh air, he has a style and sticks to it. using stainless steel as the material of choice, mark crafts beautiful one of a kind bangles and cuffs. who doesn’t love to own something that no one else has?

mark began his venture as a jewelry designer about two years ago. he has a background in metal work, using most of his talent to build custom parts for high end, themed motorcycles in the industry. but being a designer meant time for a new challenge. jewelry was on his mind, here he could produce more products with extreme variety. using stainless steel, which is a tough material to work with due to tensile strength, he creates unique pieces that are all hand made by mark himself! the quality is beyond description. you are not just wearing jewelry but works of art. some pieces even include beautifully colored beach glass.

showing at local events have gotten the word out about mark kalen designs. this month, mark will be displaying his collection at the driskill hotel’s jewelry showcase during austin fashion week on august 23 starting at 9pm. i highly recommend checking out his line at the event or you can visit

photos courtesy of mark kalen designs


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