summer patterns: tipsy skipper

summer makes me crave patterns, bright colors and feeling free. being on the lake or at the beach is something i cherish throughout the season. as many of you know i am a texas grad who loves frat attire and will always be a sorority girl. enter tipsy skipper: prints inspired by sailing and cocktail parties. kearsley lloyd, a graphic design major from RISD, has captured my attention with her line.

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“tipsy skipper has been a way for me to combine my love for sailing and my passion for design! i am inspired by everything! i love color, being out on the water – the wind, the salt air, cocktail parties!”

interning at vineyard vines and lilly pulitzer gave her the opportunity to design prints for each company. inspired, she knew one day having her own brand would become a reality. her senior degree project formed the idea of tipsy skipper and by summer of 2010 she was doing trunk shows!

“i almost always have a sketchbook in my tipsy tote and i always draw anything i see that’s inspiring. all of my prints begin as a painting or drawing.”

spread the word and see what events are coming up this summer. check them out here! stock up on bright clutches, flats and totes for all seasons. these items are a must have year round. dress up any outfit day or night with tipsy skipper accessories and remember…stay tipsy!

photos courtesy of tipsy skipper


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