NYFW day 5

The city has been wonderful, exciting, & spontaneous. Time has flown by and before I know it another day has passed. First show: Malandrino. Elongated silhouettes, wool, furs, leather. Chiffon blouses, trousers, embroidery, color. A collection I could see myself wearing at any moment. We met up with our wonderful team to shoot photos, what amazing people to have the pleasure of working with. Spotted: Kelly Rutherford or Lily van der Woodsen as you may know her from Gossip Girl. One word? Stunning. 

Next stop: the Empire where I met up with some very important guests. My mom and aunt Di Di had arrived in the city!! After eating a late lunch at Chowder House, I was off to Grand Central Station for a flash mob Moncler Grenoble fashion show I will never forget! Dressed in shades of burgundy, mustard, grey and black skiwear, the extravaganza performed a routine inspired by the one and only Bob Fosse (my all time favorite choreographer)!

Mari had pulled some strings for our next show, Zang Toi, and invited my mom and Di Di to join!! They were ecstatic to be coming to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. While they talked to our fabulous team waiting outside the show, I popped into Behnaz Sarafpour’s presentation with Lo. Fur, leather pants, long gowns and beading caught my eye. Soon after, we all headed into Zang Toi to take our seats. 

Zang Toi presented a line filled with detail oriented pieces. Breathtaking fur and jewels. Emerald, neutral and black tones. Sitting next to Lo and Errol, we could hardly contain ourselves. Each piece kept us on the edge of our seats. Special guest? Jill Zarin wore the last look of the show. The hand sewn beading made the gown jaw dropping. The Real Housewife looked confident while strutting down the runway. Zang Toi received a standing ovation when he and Jill walked down ending the show. We were able to stick around to go backstage since Zang is a friend of Mari’s. He was so thrilled the night had exceeded his expectations, his smile was ear to ear. I went around the corner to talk to Jill and snap a quick photo! 
Lo and I joined my mom and Di Di for dinner, then we had plans to go to Juliet where we met up with Ryan Cabrera, High School Musical’s “Troy” Zac Efron and one of Twilight’s vampires “Emmet” Kellan Lutz. I looked up from the table to see that Tony Parker was also there (should I have mentioned I am a Mavs fan???). The adventures of Lo and Shan continue to be very exciting…pinch me I still feel like I am dreaming… 
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