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When the seasons begin to change, I notice my skin does as well. Another contributing factor is traveling. I don’t know about you but I constantly need to hydrate. So today I decided to share some of my skincare secrets with you. Scroll down to get all of the details about each one. Feel free to share any of your favorite products with me too! I’m always open to trying out new things.

1. Let’s start with my go-to eye cream (here). I apply this every single night (you don’t have to use much at all). I have had this for over a year now and still have a lot left in the tube. While it seems like a splurge now, you have enough product to last you a while.

2. I love this face cleanser (here). Not only can I use it with my Clarisonic but it’s great for travel. I always feel so refreshed from the soy in the soap (it doesn’t leave me dry).

3. OMG. If you don’t use these face wipes (here), get them ASAP. From plane rides to getting rid of eye makeup and leftover residue on your face, these work miracles.

4. Now disposable eye masks (here) are a new addition to my weekly routine. Once a week I use these little guys under my eyes before bed. They are also perfect when you have tired, puffy or dark circles under your eyes.

5. Yes, this is one of my favorite ways to rehydrate my skin (here). Dab this gel generously on your face (focus on dry areas), and you will notice a difference. My skin drinks this up when it’s dry. Great for before bed.

6. Now introducing the Clarisonic brush (here). I love the new mini size since I can pack it easily! I use this every day because it has changed face washing for me. It’s like an electric toothbrush for your face. Yep, goodbye dirt and impurities.

7. It’s time to feel a refreshing cucumber spray (here)! I don’t know what I did without this little bottle of water. Literally it’s like being at a spa every day. Spritz this on your face day or night to feel that extra boost of moisture.

8. Say goodbye to blackheads (here). Scrub this invigorating, warming charcoal mask on your face and watch the blackheads leave your face. I love the blackhead strips as an alternative during the week as well.

9. Now this face cream is new for me (here), and I am obsessed. This cream is perfect for daytime or night if you choose to use instead of the Garnier gel (#5). I like to put it on before my sunscreen/makeup in the morning.

10. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about lip balm (here)! I have been wearing this one by Fresh for years now (it also comes tinted in different shades). I keep it in my purse at all times. I put it on throughout the day and before bed.

11. Lastly, the eye roller (here) to write home about. Here is another way to cure puffy eyes, whether it be from allergies or lack of sleep. It’s cold and feels so good you won’t want to stop! No, seriously.


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