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I’ve noticed over the years that during the Summer months I prefer a low maintenance skincare routine. Who’s with me? I like to rely on my tan to help me out this time of year and want to be minimalistic with the rest. I’m so excited to introduce EVER skincare (here)┬áto those of you who haven’t hard of it yet. I’m talking tinted moisturizers with SPF, blemish correctors and overnight facials in a bottle. Simplicity is key this time of year, and I’ve got a new line of skincare to help us out! Take a look below at some of my favorites from the line + why I love each product so much.

Let’s chat about this tinted moisturizer complete with SPF. I prefer that my makeup has SPF in it so I don’t have to apply that separately giving this cream bonus points for sure. SPF is so important to wear on your face, especially as I get older I want to prevent any sun damage. I also love that this moisturizer can replace any foundation I might wear. Since this is tinted, I can wear it as my first and only layer. I like to use a little powder to set it, but I’m basically done after putting this on. I love that it’s light on my skin.
Now let me introduce the treatment concealer. This little tube of magic works for dark circles or any problem spots. I can carry this in my purse and apply it throughout the day if needed. Sometimes a problem area pops up after you’ve left the house. I like that I can dab a small amount to any area without “redoing” my makeup. This is one of my new favorites and a must-have in my makeup bag. Next up is the blemish and dark spot corrector. I absolutely love this product. A few years ago, some sun spots appeared at the top of my forehead. I have been crazy about wearing my sunscreen ever since to prevent any more damage in the future. However, my existing spots need coverage. I love that this product (which is a light white color) seems to cover them up. These spots are not as easily seen now. I apply the tinted moisturizer afterwards and next thing you know, the spots have vanished. I will continue to use this product to help lighten the spots.
Oh em gee. Yes, this is exactly what the bottle says on the label. I am proud to introduce the overnight facial in a bottle. This serum is so hydrating. I absolutely love how my face feels the next morning when I wake up. A little tip when using this product: a little goes a long way, meaning this bottle will last you longer than you expect! I highly recommend this to everyone especially during months when your skin feels dry. In need of a new body butter? Well, let me rephrase that. Want to add another body butter to your lineup? You can’t ever have too many of these jars of joy! Maybe your skin feels dry from the heat? Say hello to EVER’s ultra rich body butter. Not only does this body butter hydrate but it also smells so divine! I find myself putting this cream on my hands throughout the day just to smell it! I love that it helps make my skin feel smooth and I can’t get enough of the scent.
If you’re looking for any new products or just curious what EVER skincare is all about, I hope my suggestions have helped! I highly recommend this skincare line to all of you. If you have any specific questions, please contact April Likins for more (her info is below). She’s the expert and can help you with your EVER needs.

Special thanks to April Likins from EVER Skincare (here) for sponsoring this post. Find more on Instagram here and on Facebook here.




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